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5 Ways to Stop Playing The Victim

How to Stop Playing the Victim and Live a Happier Life This isn’t the uplifting, “Go get it” stuff I normally post. Instead I’m going to examine the ugly side of  what happens when people choose to live in the pain zone. At some point we’ve all suffered. We’ve all lost a loved one. We’ve…

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Define Your Why – Learn to Move With Passion and Purpose

Defining Your Why  Learn to Move and Live With Passion and Purpose   Have you ever had a dream that you didn’t pursue? Have you ever sat back and watched people around you accomplish feats that you knew you couldn’t do yourself? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a part…

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Live Outside of Fear

All too often we allow the fear of failure, fear of being uncomfortable, or being worried about what other people think keep us from living a full life. Unless you’re afflicted with an actual phobia, fear is an option, a choice.  We can choose to let our doomsday thoughts get the best of us or we can reset…

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