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Bataan Death March – Packing List

Download a printable PDF packing list here: Bataan March Packing List So you’re doing the Bataan Memorial Death March. Congratulations you’re about to embark on an amazing journey through the high desert that is as spiritual as it is beautiful. Bataan has become an annual journey for me and over the last few years I have…

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2014 Bataan Memorial Death March

2014 Bataan Memorial Death March  I will soon be posting an event review and photos’ soon. Until then I hope you enjoy the tribute video I put together from the 2014 Bataan Memorial Death March. It was an amazing day!!!  

How to Survive the Bataan Memorial Death March

So you’re thinking about or already signed up for the Bataan Death March in WhiteSands NM. Congratulations! You are about to set forth on a great adventure. One that you’ll likely end up telling your grandkids about someday. It truly is an amazing event, if you prepare for it properly. Visit Bataan Memorial Death March…

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