Amy's Services

There are no
impossible dreams
only our
limited perception
of what is possible.

Contributing Writer

Honest, friendly, storytelling voice who speaks directly to your audience.

Contributor for
  • Women’s Health
  • BabyZone


Reach new customers and users for your products. The average person doesn’t look at elite or professional athletes for inspiration. They are inspired by people like themselves (people they can relate to) who have overcome everyday obstacles to do seemingly impossible things.

What Amy can do for you
  • Digital media for your company
  • Trade show / event appearances & product demos
  • Written or spoken content for your site
  • Social media exposure

Motivational Speaker

Amy lives without ceilings, it’s a mindset that was hard fought for… Let her help your organization or company learn how to live fearlessly by facing fear & doubt head-on and turning painful situations in their lives into positive change.

Speaking topics
  • Turn pain into purpose
  • Living outside of your comfort zone
  • Being an unlikely Christian
  • Health & Fitness

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