Reach outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals in 2014

Live outside of your comfort zone

Reach outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals in 2014 

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Do you have a passion boiling inside of you that you have been too afraid to chase after? Does fear and doubt keep you from following your dream(s) or your passion? Do you find yourself saying, “I would like too… but…”?  That one small, three letter word (but) has the power to kill your dreams.

To reach those dreams you have to stretch and give up ALL of your excuses. You have to stretch yourself physically and mentally. You have to dream as if nothing is impossible. You have to go places and do things that your comfortable self wouldn’t allow. You have to leap without a net and know that you will land on your feet. Cause  when you stretch out of your comfort zone you find talents and abilities that you never knew you had. Only then will you move into your next – your purpose.

  • I pray that this New Year — is epic for us all — that the chains of doubt and fear and all of life’s but(s) fall from us.
  • I pray that as we achieve the impossible we will be seen as sources of inspiration for others to go out into the world and chase their own dreams.
  • I pray that every setback is viewed as an opportunity- not as a failure.
  • I pray that you embrace a life of discomfort — where we use our bad things in life to change the life of someone else. Use those bad things as fuel to change the world with your sweat.

So stop waiting for the right time… the right time will never come. Before you know it, we will be ready to leave this Earth and our dreams, goals, untapped talents, and our life’s purpose will be burried with us. Don’t take your greatness to the grave.

“Greatness is a lot of small things done everyday.”

This amazing quote below – completely sums up what the Get Uncomfortable Dare is all about.

“Turn your pain into greatness. Use your pain to push yourself from where you are now to where you want to be. Stop running from your pain, embrace it. It’s part of your story and part of your prize.” –Unknown

Everyday is a new opportunity to do great things, start saying “Yes” to your life and your dreams. Leave this Earth with every dream you’ve ever dreamed (large and small) accomplished.

So I ask you, what dreams are you going to make a reality?

I DARE you to read the Get Uncomfortable Manifesto and live out your dream.


Posted on December 27, 2013 in Motivation

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