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Children: Six (yours, mine, and ours), two grand-babies, and an eighty-five pound dog named Rocco. My house is NUTS at Christmas!!

What’s my real hair color: I have no idea. I love to change my hair color – so don’t be surprised when it changes again.

First job: Teaching aerobics (age of 16) at Living Well Lady Fitness in St. Louis

Occupation:   Author of Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans (Rodale), Author of forthcoming book Get Uncomfortable DareN.S.C.A certified personal trainer,  a contributor for IronGirl and TV host.

Hobbies: Philanthropy, reading, cycling, swimming, combat boot running, & triathlon

Meaning behind my tattoos: I have the Chinese symbol for strength on my right ankle, I got it during my second divorce. I have the Chinese symbol for no regrets on the back of my neck, I got that on my 40th birthday.

Pet peeve(s): Dishonesty, pessimism, and dirty laundry on the floor when the hamper is empty.

Greatest accomplishment: Giving birth to my four children and crossing the finish line at my first half-Ironman triathlon in combat boots despite being hit by an SUV during the bike portion of the race. — I can take a licking and keep on ticking. 🙂

Favorite quote(s): “There are no impossible dreams; just our limited perception of what’s possible.”   “I don’t need it to be easy; I just need it to be possible.”

Favorite exercise or activity: Jogging in Percy Warner Park in my combat boots and riding by bike with friends.

What most people don’t know about me: Humm.. I look tough on the outside; but I’m melted chocolate on the inside. I cry watching Folger’s coffee commercials! I started competing in natural bodybuilding competitions at the age of 13.  I’m a former professional fitness champion having won the ESPN2 Fitness America Pageant, Las Vegas Fitness Champion, and Ms. Exercise. LOL.. 😉  That was a long…. time and a few pounds ago! I’m a nerd who loves success & self-help books and audio seminars. I’ve read Jack Canfield’s book, Success Principles three times (it’s 473 pages). I dislike most domestic chores. I’m a complete tom-boy, I love getting dirty and sweaty; I hate doing my hair and wearing makeup. Although I love fashion, I dislike shopping, and 90% of the time I live in athletic clothes. I hardly ever wear anything on my feet other than my combat boots (even in the summer). I’ve been known to wear my boots with dresses.  I like to laugh at myself and I love stupid comedies. Will Ferrell slays me…. “I like to smile… smiling is my favorite.” –Elf 

Connect with Amy 

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Station Location Program Type
WBAL Baltimore #1 Market / News
WCBS New York #1 Market / News
KFWB Los Angeles #1 Market / News
America’s Radio News Network Syndicated 180 markets   News Syndicated News
Frankie Boyer Lifestyle Show Syndicated 28 markets Lifestyle Show
It’s Your Health Syndicated 8 markets Health / fitness
WLW – AM Cincinnati Talk
KOMO – AM Seattle Talk
KBKS – FM Seattle Morning Show
Day Break Syndicated 60 markets
The Boot Campaign Radio Webcast Military / military charity talk

Buntastic infomercial

Aeroba Pro Spot

Aeroba Pro Workout DVD / Hosting

Aeroba Pro Exercise System-Cardio Inferno Workout from Carlos Torres on Vimeo.

News Channel 4 Nashville

Workout 180 Infomercial / Amy scripted and hosted all the entire DVD series

International infomercial

RX for Healthy Lifestyles

Hosted by Edie Hand and Dr. Daniel Potts. In this week’s show, we talk to Lori Woodard Hoyt about children with cancer and why she is so passionate about leading Clinton’s Club. We talk with Dr. Steven Roth of the Vein Guys and Redic Smith about his experience as a patient of the Vein Guys. Finally, we talk with Amy Cotta about her new book ‘Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans.’ Amy comes in about 18:00


  • Buntastic infomerial – host
  • Armed Forces Television (Boxing Chaplin spot)
  • CMT Cross Roads (38 Special / Trac Adkins)
  • Everyday Edisons Fitness Expert PBS / Eventys
  • Shopping Moms Youth Fit Expert Fine Living Network
  • Ready, Set, Grow Principle NorthStar Studios
  • QVC Shopping Network Host QVC / Rock Fitness
  • Shop At Home (numerous) Host Scripps / TKO Fitness
  • Talk of the Town (numerous) Fitness Expert KFVS 5 Nashville
  • Shop At Home Fitness Model Scripps
  • American Muscle (numerous) Principal ESPN
  • Sports Spot Light Principal KFVS 12, MO.
  • Crook & Chase Principal (stunts) TNN
  • Tough Man Bumpers & Ring Girl Fox FX
  • Strong Man Promo model Fox Sports Net
  • Sports & Fitness Fest. Promo model The Beauty Channel
  • ESPN sports & Fitness Festival Promo model ESPN & ESPN2
  • Kick It Up (TV Pilot) Principal Stage Post ProductionsInternet / Channel•Rider Fitness EC-TV – Central
  • XerciseTV


Commercials / Infomercials / Video

  • Buntastic instructional video – host
  • AerobaPro workout DVD series – host
  • Workout 180 Host (All Star Marketing)
  • Workout 180 12 DVD series – Choreographer and Host (king Star)
  • Direct Buy Commercial (The Fine Living Network)
  • Ab & Thigh Trainer II (infomercial) Equipment Expert Reliant International
  • Ab & Thigh Trainer (infomercial) Principal Media Power
  • Cardio Slim Down workout Video Principal – Host Media Power
  • Chadwick’s Personal fitness Principal – Trainer Comcast Cable
  • St. Francis Medical Center Principal Local
  • 15 in one Body Sculpting System Principal (host) TKO Sports Group
  • Fire & Ice Principal Creative License Inc.

Radio & Voice Over

  • Cardio Slim Down Host & V/O Media Power
  • 15 in One Body Sculpting System Host & V/O TKO Sports Group
  • KCGQ Real Rock 99.3 On-air Personality Zimmer Radio
  • KGKS Kiss FM 93.9 On-air Personality Zimmer Radio
  • 99.7 WTN Fitness Expert The Rejuvenation
  • Real Rock 99.3 & Kiss FM Commercial Spots Zimmer Radio

Trade Show / Fitness Presentations

  • Southern Women’s Show
  • IronGirl Night with Grace
  • IDEA World
  • Arnold Classic
  • Olympia Weekend
  • AdvoCare Success School

Authored Articles & Books:

  • Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans (Rodale)
  • Lose the baby weight challenge –•Monthly family fitness articles in Nashville Parent Magazine
  • Believe in yourself: Fitness is a journey not a destination – article- published in the Nashville Lifestyles Magazine Jan/Feb 2006 issue
  • Losing Weight after Pregnancy – article – published: Review Appeal
  • TravelFit “Staying Fit While on the Road

Books in Print / Model:

•Physique – An Intimate Portrait of the Female Fitness Athlete, by Paul Goode (Fashion Model)
•Shape Training, By Robert Kennedy (Fitness Model)
•Oxygen Shape TrainingMagazine Appearances (modeling):
•The Sporting News
•The Ultimate Body
•Bodybuilding News
•NPC News Woman’s Fitness
•Oxygen Iron Man Magazine
•Muscular Development MuscleMag
•Natural Bodybuilding Exercise For Women Only
•Female Bodybuilding (cover) Natural Muscle (cover)
•European Magazines
•Fitness America Pageant (Poster Model)
•Female Bodybuilding (cover)
•Tootsie Hots – swim wear
•Best Built Babes (poster model)
•J. Brown Fitness Wear
•Hot Skins Fitness Wear
•Otomix Shoes & Active Wear
•Flirt Clothing
•Pro Fitness USA Active Wear
•No Limits Active Wear
•Natural Bodybuilding (cover model)
•*Tear sheets available upon request




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