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Marine Mom Creed

This is my Marine.

 I will love and support him (her) while he’s at home and abroad.

I will be a source of strength for him, as he is for me.

As my Marine fights for my freedom, I will fight to ensure his warm return.

I will do everything within and beyond my ability to make sure he knows his sacrifice is not in vain.

I will lead by example…

As he has given his life for mine; I will give my sweat and tears for his.

I will now and forever use my God-given abilities to make sure his service is never forgotten.

I will fight for his rights upon returning home or to civilian life; as he fights for my freedoms.

I will not rest until every Marine is covered by love and shelter of home.

Under the watchful eye of God this is my promise and my creed.

Amy Cotta

Posted on February 4, 2014 in Motivation, ramblings

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