March It Out

Have you ever heard of the Bataan Death March? If you answered no, you’re not alone. It’s an obscure part of history that took place in 1942. I say obscure because it seems to have been all but erased from history. I don’t remember ever reading or hearing anything about Bataan in lower school or college. Bataan

I talked to a young guy the other day who’s grandfather (now deceased) survived the march and it wasn’t until he read his grandfathers journals that he was made aware of the unjust treatment his grandfather had lived through.

To this day Bataan accounts for America’s largest loss of life in any war. Although exact numbers are unknown it is said that between 7,000 and 10,000 men died during the march.

The unspeakable and inhuman treatment American and Filipino soldiers endured is enough to make the hardest of hearts feel squeamish. You can read more about the march here.

marchMy Journey to Bataan Memorial Death March:

Today is the Monday before the Bataan Death March and I’m a little worried about this event. Armed with my why, I normally believe I can cross ANY finish line — and yes, this one is no different. Or is it?

I was unable to train for almost two months due to battling a virus that just wouldn’t go away, then a back issue and now my hip, back, knee, and IT band are acting up. Since I haven’t trained like I normally would my feet are a little softer than normal. Why is that a big deal? Blisters! I normally don’t get blisters from my boots, but I haven’t done 26.2 miles off-road before and I’m in no where the condition I was for my last ultra marathon. I’m praying for healing over my body and super-natural tough skin on my feet. I don’t need to be fast… I just need to finish. I will remember my why and I will remember those who lost their life during the march and all the families devastated by this forgotten piece of American history.


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