Lessons Learned in The Rain

The 2013 Country Music Marathon was an interesting event to say the least. Why?

  1. Honor & Sacrifice It was shortly after the Boston bombing and security was on high alert.
  2. It was my first longer event using an Army Tactical bag that didn’t fit me.
  3. It was the first time doing it with Honor & Sacrifice Ribbons on my pack (More info on ribbons coming).
  4. The temperature was in the low 50’s and soaking rains all morning.
  5. I didn’t realize it would take about forty minutes of standing in said rain before my corral would get to start. I was shivering and soaked to the bone before we ever started.

So what did I learn? 

  1. Wind resistance DOES NOT mean water proof..!
  2. If you give your rain poncho aways before the start of the race; make sure you have a backup. 
  3. When you see a discarded rain ponchos laying roadside — left by elite runners… PICK it up, stupid… and use it!!
  4. After hours of rushing water and pouring rain, combat boots will become swimming pools for your feet if you don’t water proof them. Lesson learned….
  5. Keep your iPod and camera in zip lock bags just like everything else. I killed both… (an expensive lesson)
  6. I can do 13.1 miles in boots and a heavy pack – however next time I might want to train in the pack. Yes, I’m an idiot.
  7. Our military and Special Ops guys are BAD ASSES...!  What I did was a warm up to their day of training. My hat is off to them… The party was over for me by mile five. 21013 Country Music Marathon
  8. Lead and others will follow. Inspired by my boot running there were two other women out on the course doing the event in boots for their Army husbands, and Not Alone. When you do the once thought of “impossible or crazy” you give others permission to believe that they too can achieve the same goal. [Well done ladies!]
  9. I can achieve EVERY goal I set for myself. It might not play out the way I planned it, it might not be easy, but if I choose to achieve — I will achieve — all I have to do is believe.



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