Iron Girl in Combat Boots – A Mother’s Journey

I did it…! I completed the Iron Girl in Atlanta doing the run portion in USMC combat boots!

This wasn’t my first triathlon or my first time running in combat boots, but it was my first doing a triathlon in combat boots. The morning couldn’t have been any more perfect. The water was calm, I didn’t panic in the lake or get sick. Normally I get a little dizzy in open water… but not that day! The bike was slow, I was having calf cramps so I took it easy thinking the cramps would get worse on the run. During the run I jogged walked, the course was very hilly but beautiful and mostly shaded. The best part was it was my first 5k or any run without IT band pain!!! All in all the day was awesome, women along the course were yelling out “Go Boots!”

It was a great day for me, but even more so I got to share with people my love for my boots and the reason behind them. If you would like more information on the charity that I run and triathlon for please visit — when people call you crazy, answer them like I do, “I’m not crazy; I’m grateful.”


Posted on May 23, 2012 in Motivation

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