How to Run In Combat Boots

I have been doing running events and triathlon in combat boots since 2011. When it came to running form and technique I always just did my own thing never really thinking about my running gate. I jogged and power-walked however felt good for my body at the time.

I recently took up doing events with a pack on my back. My pack normally weighs anywhere from 5-15 pounds. This added weight is a real challenge. So much so… I decided to go to a friend of mine for help.

boots pack running

In the video below you’ll see cpt. Ann Hubard  US Marines (retired) instructing me on how to conserve energy while jog/hiking in my boots and pack. In the military they refer to this style as forced marching.

The facility was busy while we were shooting this video so the audio isn’t the greatest. But Ann is telling me to stop running with an up and down motion which a lot of runners have. To keep my upper body quiet and let all of the running come from my legs and all of my momentum moving forward versus up and down.

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Posted on January 21, 2013 in Training & Fitness

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