How to Live Life Without Limits – Bucket Lists

How to Live Life Without Limits – Bucket Lists

Many great feats throughout history started with a dream. The computer, the phone you use – this article you’re reading—they all began when someone said, “I wonder if….” Or “Wouldn’t it be amazing if…” If you’re reading these words, chances are there’s a “what if” lurking around in your life and we’re going to find it.             whatif

What If?

If nothing were impossible, what would you do? Would you climb a mountain, run a marathon, ride your bike from coast to coast?

Quickly, list five of your what-ifs. Don’t think about it. Don’t edit. Just write. Feel free to print this out and fill in the blanks.

  1. What if ______________________________?
  2. What if ______________________________?
  3. What if ______________________________?
  4. What if ______________________________?
  5. What if ______________________________?

I love playing what-if because your mind automatically starts the problem-solving process, mapping possible paths to all of your what-ifs. And, just as immediately, that other voice in your head starts telling you why your what-ifs can’t be done. It’s simply a matter of choice as to which voice you allow to win.

Imagine what our lives would be like if those who have gone before us had listened to that negative, conniving, not-so-little voice. What if they were just too afraid to follow their dreams? How d dramatically different would our lives be today if they had made excused for why their dreamed were not possible? We wouldn’t have essential like electrify, much less iPhones, Pads, and Pods.


Your to Live List

We’re going to take your what-if list and build your To Live List. These are written goals that you will accomplish despite your fears and negative voices.

I started my list back in 2008-2009 when I first dared to Get Uncomfortable  for charity and in honor of my loved ones. It’s been a work-in-progress and I’ve been chipping away at my list while adding new and more challenging goals.





My (Personal) Bucket List

  • Learn to swim {Accomplished}
  • Run ½ marathon in combat boots {Accomplished}
  • Run ultra marathon in combat boots {Accomplished}
  • Run full marathon in combat boots {Accomplished}
  • Bike ride a century [100 miles] by 2014 {Accomplished}
  • Be able to swim 2.4 miles by age 45 {Accomplished}
  • Finish a 70.3 Ironman by age of 43 [in combat boots] {Accomplished}
  • Finish a full-Ironman 140.6 by age of 45 [in combat boots] {Accomplished}
  • Climb a mountain
  • Ride the Tour de France route
  • Compete in Kona at the Ironman World Championships – cross the finish line in combat boots and pack
  • Motivate millions of people to get uncomfortable and live without limits.
  • Write a screenplay
  • Start a non-for-profit organization {Accomplished}

Now it’s your turn, write out and start living your list. Your life is waiting for you…. Dare to dream. Dare to live. Dare to Get Uncomfortable for a cause.



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