How I Got Past My Hatred of Running to run Women’s Half Marathon

Women's Marathon for troops

How I Got Past My Hatred of Running to Run My First Women’s Half Marathon In Combat Boots

Do you hate running but want to start? 

A little background about me, I’m not a runner. I hate running! I have always dreamed of being one of these people who adore running — no I wanted to be obsessed with it. With ideas of granger in my head I would sign up for events and then never show up for them. Why? Because I hate running!

Before doing the 2011 Nashville Women’s Half Marathon I had signed up for three others – this being my fourth. This was the first starting line I had ever shown up to. Why didn’t I back out like the other three times? Well, this time I wasn’t doing it for myself I was doing it in show of support to our troops and as a way for me to deal with my son being gone in boot camp (USMC). The boots I’m wearing in this video had become a source of comfort to me and a way to express my gratitude. It was also the start of something much bigger than me.

I shot this video while out on course. I had not trained for the event – I just showed up and pushed through the pain of my bad knee to finish. My new motto, if I can do it in combat boots anyone can do it in running shoes. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Watch this video


Update Notes: I purchased my boots from the Boot Campaign. A portion of the proceeds go to support various military charities. I still don’t LOVE to run, but how do I love… my why. This post has been updated it was originally posted on Feb, 3 2012

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Amy Cotta

Posted on January 27, 2014 in Motivation

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