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Military Flex Arm Hang Challenge

This was my first attempt at the military flexed arm hang. It was brutal, I haven’t done anything where I had to hold my own body weight in a REALY… long time. Give the challenge a try yourself and see how long you can hang. Thanks for sharing with your friends!

Military Boot Push Up Challenge

I was asked to do a push-up challenge in combat boots. In this video I don’t do a lot of pushups but I do a few variations. Ending with a couple of one-arm pushups! I would love to hear about your military or combat boot challenges. Please share this with your friends. Let’s get the…

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7 Best Sports Bras

7 Best Sports Bras The bounce stops here: Get a better workout with the right bra for your body By Lisa Hoehn A good sports bra is like an old friend—holds you close, offers comfort when you need it, and gives unconditional support. Which are the best? To find out, we gave 20 testers of…

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Military Low Crawl Challenge

Military Low Crawl This is my journey to give back to those who give everything. I did a challenge for the military low crawl. I went the length of a football field. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I noticed after I got a little more warmed up…

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4th of July in Combat Boots

July 4, 2012. It was a sweltering morning in Nashville. Today marked my 10, 5K in Boot Campaign combat boots running for my son and our troops. At times I thought the road was going to melt under my feet and swallow me up. But I did it; I finished the I Run For The…

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Country Music Half Marathon

I did it!!! I can put my third 1/2 marathon in the books! The event was awesome… There’s nothing like being out there with thirty thousand other people. The energy on the course was awesome, so many people out there cheering people on. It was truly a spiritual day for me. I finished in 3:19…

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Amy’s 4/25/12 Workout Diary

1 hour on indoor trainer doing 1 minute hill intervals [20 miles] 45 minute Hot Yoga class 10 minute Core / TRX Rip Trainer

My First 1.5 Mile Swim

I did it..! I swam my personal best today a 1.5 mile swim in 1 hour on the dot. Not bad for a non-swimmer who just learned to swim three short years ago. I actually felt like I could have gone a littler further, but I had a raging case of cotton mouth and my…

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IronMan IronGirl Training Today’s workout 3/22/12

3/22/12  Half IronMan and IronGirl Training   Swim: 45 minute workout 1,000 meters 200 meter pull 25 x 25 meters [full out with 30 second rest between] 200 meter swim Bike on trainer: 1 hour 15 minute ride on trainer [power/hill workout] 15 minute warm up 30 x 1minute intervals 50-55 rpm on highest tolerated…

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Amy’s Diary Today’s workout 3/8

Swim: I did strength work in the pool. I’m not sure of the time or distance. But I worked hard and felt great. Therapy: Got some much needed A.R.T (Active Release Technique) on my left quad. Had a knot up under my IT band. Gym: 5-10-15 Workout ( 20 minute round) 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups…

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