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Ironman Training Military Style

Part of my training program today included a challenge. I was asked to do the military low crawl, the length of a football field. So I laced up my combat boots and did it. The video is below. Rest of my training today went as follows: 1 minute rounds / doing as many reps as…

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Fast Fun Calorie Kicking Workout

Here is my personal workout. This workout took me just a little over an hour and I burned 653 calories. However my heart rate monitor was acting up on the run portion. I believe the calorie burn was much higher than the 653 it showed. Warm-up on vibration plate 3 minutes   5-10-15 workout Set…

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Down Goes Frasier Workout

Looking for a workout that will kick your butt. The one I did today will do just that. It’s a real knockout! I had a blast doing it, I hope you enjoy it too. 150 Walking lunges 150 Bodyweight squats 150 Burpees 40 minute run or elliptical.  

Get Fit & Kick Butt with R4 Workout

I did this workout today, it’s called R4 (Rip, Rope, Rower, Run). It’s not only great for torching fat and calories, but it’s also a really good athletic training workout. For athletes and triathletes this workout will help increase your muscular endurance and recovery. You’ll need a rip style trainer, a rope, indoor rower, treadmill…

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