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How Not to Bonk – Bataan Nutrition

Bataan isn’t your typical marathon and you need to treat the day with respect by going in prepared. Not only do you need to be prepared with the correct gear, you also need a nutrition plan. Let’s face it, unless you are running Bataan (in which case let me say – you’re a STUD) it’s…

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Acesulfame Potassium

Acesulfame Potassium – What is it

      Acesulfame Potassium – What is it? Fitness Facts for the nerd in all of us!  Today’s food additive is Acesulfame Potassium (Aceslfame-K). Try saying that fast more than twice! Whee… I burned 10 calories just typing it. This additive is a calorie-free artificial sweetener is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is found in more that…

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learn to swim

From Couch to Pool – Learn How to Swim Part 1

Dealing With the Mind Demons  – Learn How to Swim – Part 1    In this series we are going to break learning how to swim into bite size chunks. In this — part 1, we are going to look at the mental challenges and fears you might be facing with learning how to swim.…

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How to Survive the Bataan Memorial Death March

So you’re thinking about or already signed up for the Bataan Death March in WhiteSands NM. Congratulations! You are about to set forth on a great adventure. One that you’ll likely end up telling your grandkids about someday. It truly is an amazing event, if you prepare for it properly. Visit Bataan Memorial Death March…

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Mind Games – 5 Ways to Keep Training Without Giving Up or Getting Bored

Mind Games   5 Ways to Keep Training Without Giving Up or Getting Bored   Use the “next one” technique.  Focus on something in the distance and tell yourself, “I’m going to keep going at this pace until I hit that next ___.” Then once you make it to that object find the next object…

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Day 1 Run – Road to Ironman

So this is one of many “diary” posts to come over the course of this year. Today was my first treadmill run since last October. I have spent many hours on the treadmill power-walking hills in order to get ready for the Bataan Death March, but on this day I was actually running. I felt…

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Fight Juvenile Diabetes

        Relay Rutherford is seeking teams to run 53 miles across Rutherford County near Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The event features a point-to-point course with support stations every 2-5 miles.  Checkpoints will include food, water, bathrooms, and cheering sections.  The event starts in Eagleville, runs through Murfreesboro, and finishes in Smyrna, TN.  You can…

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6 Steps to Relaxed Breathing While Swimming

6 Easy Steps to Relaxed Breathing While Swimming  If you didn’t grow up swimming or if you’re like me and still relatively new to it, breathing comfortably in the water can seem like an almost impossible task; however, it is possible. Relaxed breathing while swimming isn’t something that’s reserved only for high level swimmers. You,…

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Oh My Aching Knee

OH My Aching Knee If you’ve ever had IT band issues you know how painful it can be and how difficult it is to return to running and biking. As an athlete who has successfully rebound from IT band issues, my goal with this article is to provide advice from one athlete to another. If…

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How to Run In Combat Boots

I have been doing running events and triathlon in combat boots since 2011. When it came to running form and technique I always just did my own thing never really thinking about my running gate. I jogged and power-walked however felt good for my body at the time. I recently took up doing events with a…

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