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always the victim

5 Ways to Stop Playing The Victim

How to Stop Playing the Victim and Live a Happier Life This isn’t the uplifting, “Go get it” stuff I normally post. Instead I’m going to examine the ugly side of  what happens when people choose to live in the pain zone. At some point we’ve all suffered. We’ve all lost a loved one. We’ve…

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Marine - Parris Island

Marine Mom Creed

Marine Mom Creed This is my Marine.  I will love and support him (her) while he’s at home and abroad. I will be a source of strength for him, as he is for me. As my Marine fights for my freedom, I will fight to ensure his warm return. I will do everything within and…

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Where My Feet Might Fail

Zion Hillsong United Where My Feet Might Fail…. Wow! I heard this song in church and it completely summed up both my spiritual & physical journey to give back with my sweat, tears, and feet.  The song is called Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. All of my tests and acts of faith have been…

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A Note Home

I have often wondered what my family “really” thinks about me doing what some people call crazy…. Running and doing triathlons in combat boots — wearing boots EVERYWHERE I go, and the fact that I put it out there for the whole world to see. I often pondered, “Is my family embarrassed by what I’m…

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combat boots

More Than Leather: Combat Boots

These are my combat boots – they are more than just a pair of shoes to cover and protect my feet. They are my lifeline. They have lifted me up in my darkest hour and have given my life purpose. My boots give me strength to push on. To do more. To be more and do…

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tao teching

Tae Te Ching: 2nd verse

I discovered this beautiful and poignant verse while flipping through Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. It really does embrace the whole idea of getting uncomfortable. After you’ve done all the hard work, the pain fades aways and all that remains is the knowledge of a job well done. I’ve come to…

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Quintana Roo Bike

Lessons Learned from The Bike

It’s been almost three months since I crossed the finish line of my first half-ironman distance triathlon. Although, I trained hard and was having the race of my life, I found myself finishing the race against all odds. At mile fifty-three of the fifty-six mile bike, I was hit side-on by a SUV. Yet, I…

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Boot Run

Combat Boot Run For Military

This month’s HERO is the 450 people who ran the first ever Boot Run September 8, 2012. The run benefits Not Alone & The Boot Campaign, together we are helping to heal the wounds of war. Please support our military  by getting outside of your comfort zone and run/walk for them. Join me in raising…

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Combat Boot Strap Award: Davita Parks

And… the Boot Strap Award Goes… to….. DAVITA PARKS Name: Davita Parks Occupation: Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Nutritionist Where are you from?: Nashville, TN Who or what inspired you to lace up?: My initial inspiration came from simply sitting and listening to the stories Amy [Cotta] would share about her son Tyler leaving for basic…

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Call Me Maybe – Military Spoof

So often we forget our military is human… The men and women serving this great country of ours is your neighbor, your son’s soccer coach and the high school quarterback. The video below is an awesome reminder of that. I was really happy to see them taking a break, having fun, and cutting up. I…

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