Fight Juvenile Diabetes

        Relay Rutherford is seeking teams to run 53 miles across Rutherford County near Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The event features a point-to-point course with support stations every 2-5 miles.  Checkpoints will include food, water, bathrooms, and cheering sections.  The event starts in Eagleville, runs through Murfreesboro, and finishes in Smyrna, TN.  You can…

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6 Steps to Relaxed Breathing While Swimming

6 Easy Steps to Relaxed Breathing While Swimming  If you didn’t grow up swimming or if you’re like me and still relatively new to it, breathing comfortably in the water can seem like an almost impossible task; however, it is possible. Relaxed breathing while swimming isn’t something that’s reserved only for high level swimmers. You,…

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Oh My Aching Knee

OH My Aching Knee If you’ve ever had IT band issues you know how painful it can be and how difficult it is to return to running and biking. As an athlete who has successfully rebound from IT band issues, my goal with this article is to provide advice from one athlete to another. If…

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IronMan 140.6 in Boots

          Well it’s official — I got a spot at the sold out Ford Ironman Arizona [2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run — in combat boots]. I will be representing Team Refuel which is part of the Got Chocolate Milk campaign. Of course I’ll be out there jog/walking the 26.2…

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What Are You Afraid of? Overcoming Fear

What Are You Afraid Of? Overcoming your self-imposed fear Overcoming my fear of the water and learning to swim as an adult just might be the biggest dragon I’ve ever slain. It was an act of faith, one that I would not trade for the world. Since that day no goal seems to big or…

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You Just Have to Go

I Will Not Be Stopped

What I’m made of

Push your limits

Overcoming Struggle

 In life we all face  some sort of struggle, setback, loss, or tragedy. It’s in those times that we define who we are. The choice is ours…. We can either become a victim or victor. I encourage you today to stand up. Take your pain and focus it for good, help lift up someone else…

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