Acesulfame Potassium

Acesulfame Potassium – What is it

      Acesulfame Potassium – What is it? Fitness Facts for the nerd in all of us!  Today’s food additive is Acesulfame Potassium (Aceslfame-K). Try saying that fast more than twice! Whee… I burned 10 calories just typing it. This additive is a calorie-free artificial sweetener is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is found in more that…

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Marine - Parris Island

Marine Mom Creed

Marine Mom Creed This is my Marine.  I will love and support him (her) while he’s at home and abroad. I will be a source of strength for him, as he is for me. As my Marine fights for my freedom, I will fight to ensure his warm return. I will do everything within and…

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learn to swim

From Couch to Pool – Learn How to Swim Part 1

Dealing With the Mind Demons  – Learn How to Swim – Part 1    In this series we are going to break learning how to swim into bite size chunks. In this — part 1, we are going to look at the mental challenges and fears you might be facing with learning how to swim.…

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Define Your Why – Learn to Move With Passion and Purpose

Defining Your Why  Learn to Move and Live With Passion and Purpose   Have you ever had a dream that you didn’t pursue? Have you ever sat back and watched people around you accomplish feats that you knew you couldn’t do yourself? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a part…

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Women's Marathon for troops

How I Got Past My Hatred of Running to run Women’s Half Marathon

How I Got Past My Hatred of Running to Run My First Women’s Half Marathon In Combat Boots Do you hate running but want to start?  A little background about me, I’m not a runner. I hate running! I have always dreamed of being one of these people who adore running — no I wanted…

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Live Outside of Fear

All too often we allow the fear of failure, fear of being uncomfortable, or being worried about what other people think keep us from living a full life. Unless you’re afflicted with an actual phobia, fear is an option, a choice.  We can choose to let our doomsday thoughts get the best of us or we can reset…

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How to Live Life Without Limits – Bucket Lists

How to Live Life Without Limits – Bucket Lists Many great feats throughout history started with a dream. The computer, the phone you use – this article you’re reading—they all began when someone said, “I wonder if….” Or “Wouldn’t it be amazing if…” If you’re reading these words, chances are there’s a “what if” lurking…

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How to Survive the Bataan Memorial Death March

So you’re thinking about or already signed up for the Bataan Death March in WhiteSands NM. Congratulations! You are about to set forth on a great adventure. One that you’ll likely end up telling your grandkids about someday. It truly is an amazing event, if you prepare for it properly. Visit Bataan Memorial Death March…

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Live outside of your comfort zone

Reach outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals in 2014

Reach outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals in 2014  What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Do you have a passion boiling inside of you that you have been too afraid to chase after? Does fear and doubt keep you from following your dream(s) or your passion? Do you find…

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Where My Feet Might Fail

Zion Hillsong United Where My Feet Might Fail…. Wow! I heard this song in church and it completely summed up both my spiritual & physical journey to give back with my sweat, tears, and feet.  The song is called Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. All of my tests and acts of faith have been…

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