Earn Finisher’s Medals to Honor Fallen Military

Run to Honor Our Fallen Military:  It’s not unusual to see service men and women running a race in their boots and fatigues. But Amy Cotta is different. She runs in combat boots not because she’s in the military, but in support of her son who joined the Marines in 2011. It was her way…

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Ironman Chattanooga For Our Fallen

This is one of the four media interviews that I did while at Ironman Chattanooga 140.6 racing for our fallen military heroes. A massive thank you to my Got Chocolate Milk team for all their support! Click here to learn how you can make your finisher medals matter and race in honor & memory of…

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How Not to Bonk – Bataan Nutrition

Bataan isn’t your typical marathon and you need to treat the day with respect by going in prepared. Not only do you need to be prepared with the correct gear, you also need a nutrition plan. Let’s face it, unless you are running Bataan (in which case let me say – you’re a STUD) it’s…

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Remembrance Ribbons – Bataan

We are making Remembrance Ribbons and wearing them during this year’s Bataan Memorial Death March. We will also be handing out ribbons for other marchers to wear during their march. If you would like to have your fallen military hero honored and remembered at the 2015 Bataan Memorial Death March please go to the Medals…

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Ironman Chattanooga – Training Log – Day 1-3

Race: Ironman Chattanooga 70.3  Date: May 27, 2007 Training Day(s) 1 – 3 Day 1: 90 minute indoor training ride 15 min warm-up 2 x 7 min climb (increasing gear every minute) 10 min high cadence (100-110) 5 min easy ride 7 min hill climb (increasing gear every minute) Plus the following training video — watched…

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Bataan Death March – Packing List

Download a printable PDF packing list here: Bataan March Packing List So you’re doing the Bataan Memorial Death March. Congratulations you’re about to embark on an amazing journey through the high desert that is as spiritual as it is beautiful. Bataan has become an annual journey for me and over the last few years I have…

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Ironman Chattanooga – Video

This video is from the 2014 Ironman Chattanooga and is my personal recount from the day — it is also a memorial to the 21 fallen military heroes on my pack. The video is set to Bradley Gilbert’s — Hell of an Amen. If you would like to join me and race in honor &…

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5 Ways to Stop Playing The Victim

How to Stop Playing the Victim and Live a Happier Life This isn’t the uplifting, “Go get it” stuff I normally post. Instead I’m going to examine the ugly side of  what happens when people choose to live in the pain zone. At some point we’ve all suffered. We’ve all lost a loved one. We’ve…

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It Isn’t Pretty – It’s Ironman

For anyone who has ever done an Ironman 140.6 they will tell you it isn’t a pretty event. If you come out looking like a cover model you didn’t work hard enough. Guess I must have worked pretty hard — I must say though, it was hard to wipe the smile from my face. It…

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2014 Bataan Memorial Death March

2014 Bataan Memorial Death March  I will soon be posting an event review and photos’ soon. Until then I hope you enjoy the tribute video I put together from the 2014 Bataan Memorial Death March. It was an amazing day!!!  

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