[dropcap]I’m[/dropcap]the author of Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans, mother of six, grandmother of 2, proud Marine mom, entrepreneur, inventor, weekend-warrior athlete, fitness expert, fitness video star, and television personality.

Personal Bio

What I’m not….

  • I’m not a runner.
  • I recently learned how to swim.
  • I’m not a high level cyclist.
  • I’m not a high level athlete of any kind

What I am….

  • I’m a young mom of 6 children.
  • I’m the proud mother of a United States Marine
  • I’m a bleeding heart

What I do….

I run/walk 5K, 1/2 marathons, and triathlons in combat boots

In 2011 when my son left for USMC boot camp I struggled with him being gone and knowing life for us all would forever change. During his 13 weeks at Parris Island I decided to walk everyday in USMC combat boot from The Boot Campaign. Those boots gave me something to pour my heart into. They gave me an outlet; they gave me peace. In September that same year I signed up for my fourth 1/2 marathon. However, it was the first one I had the courage to walk up to the starting line of. Not only was it my  very first 1/2 marathon I did it in my combat boots. That day; the mental and physical struggles I experienced on the course changed my life forever. I have since done more 5K’s than I can count, I’ve done 4 1/2 marathons, an ultra marathon (31 miles), 3 triathlons [including a 70.3 half-ironman distance] all in my boots.

Every step I take in my boots is a love letter to my son and an outpouring of gratitude for our service men and women. I would love your support.


Business Bio

Amy was voted one of Nashville’s Most Beautiful People in 2009, a former fitness and swim suit model; Amy graced the pages of fitness magazines and books published in America and throughout Europe. A professionally trained actress, Amy is the host of exercise equipment programs on QVC and Home Shopping Network.

Holding multiple internationally recognized fitness certifications Amy is a nationally respected fitness expert, as well as Master Trainer for the Workout 180 and Concept2.

An industry innovator, Amy has history of predicting upcoming fitness trends and creating new products to fill untapped niches in the market. To date she holds three home exercise product patents.

Amy is a seasoned fitness writer. She recently co-produced a series of 36 articles, quizzes, slideshows and videos for Disney Inc.’s Lose the Baby Weight Challenge on, the internet’s largest parenting website.

A respected and trusted media personality, Amy is the health expert on many Nashville area talk shows and news program.


Posted on July 12, 2012 in About Amy

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