Beach 2 Battleship [race report]

Race Report: 2012 Beach 2 Battleship half-iron distance

Course: 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, and 13.1 mile run

Equipment: Quintana Roo triathlon CD0.1 Ultregra bike, Rudy Project Sportsmack performance triathlon sunglasses and Wingspan TT Triathlon Helmet, Xterra Vector Pro wetsuit, and Bates USMC combat boots [Boot Campaign].

Weather: In 2011 the morning of the race it was only in the high 30’s and was raining. This year we had the most beautiful weather! It was high 50’s early morning and in the mid 70’s later in the day.

Swim: The course is point-to-point in a saltwater channel. You swim with the incoming tide, so swim times are very fast. The race is wetsuit mandatory – so between the salt water and the wetsuit I felt like a fishing bobber. I highly recommend this race for those who are not big fans of open water swimming!

Bike: Pancake flat and windy. We rode on open highways with traffic. The bike course wasn’t as nearly as scenic as I had been expecting. I was almost blown off my bike twice; once by a heavy wind, and once by a Simi-truck flying past me causing a gust of wind.

Run: The run was fast and flat. There was one significant short climb about a mile out. At times the course was confusing because you did multiple short loops of the same route. On the way back to the finish line there were times I though I missed a turn that separated the half from the full runners. The staging coming back into the finish was awesome. It was the first time I have experienced this type of crowd cheering.

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