5 Easy Steps to a Stress Free Race

5 Easy Steps to End Pre-Race Jitters and Have a Stress Free Race  Using Visualization 

I’m sure at some point in your life, you’ve heard of or read about visualization. If not, here is my unscientific explanation. Visualization is a means of retraining your mind from the world of “I can’t” to “I already have.” When you visualize you use vivid pictures in your minds eye of achieving your goal and believing that you’re actually there in that moment (mind, body, and spirit). Researchers have said that your brain cannot distinguish between what you’re really doing and what you are only imagining. Visualization is a great way to help prevent pre-race jitters, overcome worry, fear and increase your self-belief / self-esteem.

Anyone can use this powerful tool to help them reach their goals. Yes, this includes you…

Quickie Guide to Visualization

  1. With your eyes closed, lie somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed.
  2.  Let go of all your stress by taking long, slow, deep breaths. Try to slip deeper into relaxation with each exhale.
  3. In your minds eye see yourself at your event. You are not looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes. You are seeing and feeling things as if you are actually experiencing them as they happen.
  4.  Go over every detail in your mind. What are you wearing? How does the material feel against your skin? What friendly faces do you see? Experience a sense of calm, competency and high efficiency as you move throughout your experience.
  5.  See, smell and feel yourself (effortlessly and flawlessly) competing in every aspect of your event including crossing the finish line. For example: If you’re swimming feel the effortless of your stroke, feel the calm of your body as it glides through the water. On the bike, feel the grip pads on the handlebars; notice how strong your legs feel and how powerful your pedal strokes are. Hear the sound of the road underneath your tires. During the run feel the pavement under your feet, notice your unlabored breathing. What does the fresh air smell like? Can you feel the sun on your face? Notice how calm you are and how effortlessly you are able to complete your task.

Try to do this exercise every night leading up to the day of your event.










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